Commodity Prices

Welcome to December 1st, and a brand new economic world.

Factory activity in China, France and Germany FELL in November.  Commodity prices are falling fast.  Brent crude oil, which not long ago was trading above $100 per barrel hit $68.54 today.  Other commodity prices are falling in the same manner.

Natural gas in the US which is much more tied to weather than international economic needs is falling too.  Last week I wrote how gas had hit $4.53 on the current contract.  Today already it has broken below $4 and is trading closer to $3.95.  It is possible – 1) with the mild weather we have across the US; and 2) the falling commodity prices worldwide – you may see gas down to $3.70 – $3.75 soon.

This is a GREAT TIME to lock in current low electricity rates now.