Demand Response

What Factors Make an Ideal Client For Demand Response?


  • Desire reliability services through Demand Response by receiving notifications prior to grid emergencies and rolling black outs
  • Minimum of 100 kW (formally 1,000 kW) curtail-able load
  • Interval Data Recorder (IDR) or Smart Meter measures demand 15 min intervals
  • Ability to curtail/reduce load quickly – within 30 min
  • Desire to reduce costs and generate revenue. Contribute towards meeting corporate financial goals and budgets.
  • Desire to become more energy efficient
  • Dedicated and committed to performing demand response

Centerpoint Commercial Load Program

Developed to pay $35/kW to service provider loads (customers) for for load curtailments of electric consumption on short notice during peak demand periods.

Curtailments will occur when the reliability of CenterPoint transmission and or distribution system is threatened (e.g. emergency conditions)

Load Qualifications

  • CenterPoint territory
  • IDR Meter required
  • Minimum of 100 kW of load curtailment
  • One-year commitment
  • Must be able to curtail load within 30 minutes